As a manager of a high-traffic website for women, I was caught between the crosshairs when two senior-level editors left the company in the same month. I was able to hire Colleen within days as Executive Editor — she quickly got up to speed on our Content Management System, developed content ideas (both editorial and integrated marketing), managed junior staffers and made solid creative judgment calls.

Colleen filled in for two positions, simultaneously, for six months until my permanent hires were in, trained and up to speed. It was a formidable task with lots of deadlines, pressure and in a constantly changing environment.

As a person who hires many contractors, I must say — Colleen brings a sense of ownership and leadership to her work. It’s a rare and lucky thing to find. Plus she’s a joy to have around the office and a total professional. I’m happy to be a reference for any future job in digital media, and hope to bring Colleen back to the team if an opportunity comes up in the future.
— Beth Mayall-Traglia Executive Vice President, Content and Engagement, Total Beauty Media and

...Colleen was a joy to work with. From our very first meeting, she utterly captured the vision I had for the Upper Pontalba Building website and transformed it into words. [Ms. Rush] made the entire process not just incredibly easy, but entertaining as well. Her work was truly remarkable.
— Darrin Duplissey, Property Manager