Creative Director + Wordsmith

I love words, good stories, phrases that tickle my eyes, and smart, driven, idea-churning people who are crazy about what they do. And I've found a new gig that allows me to roll around and get all covered in these things, like a punch-drunk toddler in a bathtub filled with pudding. I've joined a scrappy team of creative, hardworking people and started Reign Creative Co., a New Orleans branding + website design + development company. It's terrifying and terribly, ridiculously fun.  I think of myself as the third wheel in the wagon that moves Reign Creative Co. (alongside designer/photographer and ping pong wizard Kelli Binnings, and web dev daddio Leigh Landeche). This job involves a bit of writing, a bit of project managing, and a level of teamwork and cooperation I've never experienced as a freelance writer or as a full-time editorial flunky. I get to work with entrepreneurs who are starting new businesses and owners whose businesses are growing and need to adapt to fast-paced changes in technology and social media. I get to tell their stories, help those businesses find a voice and style, make them more visible. Developing a brand voice, website copywriting, SEO strategy, social media strategy and content, backend CMS fiddling – these all sound like very important, very serious tasks, right? And they are. But I gotta be honest: it's a fucking blast. 

Also, I'm still writing about food and travel, as much as I can when there are interesting assignments to be had or engaging people or ideas on my mind.

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